Stock Show Dever - 1
Texas Longhorn cattle on 17th street. Denver Jan 7/ 2016.

Stock show

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And I was lucky enough to meet two girls, who happens to be a Queen and a Princess 😉 One is Kyra Priday, first on the left side. She is 15 yo., and lives in Denver, CO. Horses have been a part of her forte for nine years. The second girl is Sara Ann Able and she is a Mile High Rodeo Queen. She is 23 yo, from Aurora CO. We can find them on Facebook at Mile High Rodeo Association. I sure want to visit more events and to see them ride

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7 thoughts on “National Western Stock Show kicks off Parade Jan 7, 2016

  1. You should, Richard and have your camera. I’ve learned, that next time, I should run with the cows all the way. I missed really good opportunities, because I stopped too soon.

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