Through The Aspen Trees’ (Diptych #1′) Painting on Wrapped Canvas (Palette Knife)

In that painting, through the aspen trees we can see aspen again, only on the distance, birch and aspen trees are different, but looks similar, so, I don’t distinguish them in my paintings. Aspen Trunks are hard to paint, but in modern impressionism it is very popular subject. With thick paint layers everything is possible and  palette knife is very helpful tool for such applications. ‘Through The Aspen Trees’ (Diptych #1′) Painting on Wrapped Canvas (Palette Knife)  Autumn is a time when sugar and cinnamon colors crowd every corner of the streets and every leaf seems to turn into flowers. Even when under a light blue sky, the wind sends a chill contrasting the warmth of the atmosphere.

Make the best of your autumn experience with this one of a kind painting. With the right blend of red, orange and yellow colors, the aspen tree gets an almost 3D look.

Quaking Aspens (Populus tremuloides) are mostly the favorite tree with their lovely bright green or yellow leaves and striking white bark, but perhaps their most appealing features are their enigmatic eyes. Aspen’s eyes are actually dark markings on the main trunk where side branches used to be. Quaking Aspens have tall, straight, mostly un-branched lower trunks which they achieve through rigorous self-pruning.   Aspen eyes, like other anthropomorphic features found in nature, are quite intriguing and tend to spur the imagination. Many believe that aspen eyes have the blank, mysterious look of the ancient Egyptian Eye of Ra or the Eye of Providence symbol found on the US one dollar bill that has generated so many conspiracy theories

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This painting, I created using a palette knife, oil paint and lots of layering and made with a knife from oil paints, canvas, and love. Would you like to see me paint more similar palette knife artwork? Contact me, I’m open for art commissions.

Prints of this painting are also available on FA ( Purchase a print and message to me, so I can send you Certificate of Authenticity with my signature.

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Materials used:

oil paints, canvas, palette knife, wire