Art Olena: About

Hello and Thank You for Visiting My Gallery!

My gallery is a place for viewing my paintings and photography.

All paintings are one -of- a- kind originals and are done in various sizes, color pallets and painting techniques.

Pending sales of the artworks shown here, the original painting may or may not be available. However, even if the original is not available, the artwork can be reprinted on canvas, acrylic or fine art papers to be framed and hung in your living space.

If you are interested in any of the items shown here in my gallery, please use the Contact/Request a quote form on this site to check availability and options.

Much of my work can be found on artists websites or placed with art brokers and as such, you will find varying prices for my works.

As this is my personal gallery, you will not find pricing here. I find it better to give this my personal attention. This allows me to give my customers the best pricing and shipping options.  Again, if you are interested in purchasing an item, please contact me for details. 

Now a little about how I create my work, I often use a palette knife, but it is not the only tool which helps me to create my artwork. I work with rags, brushes, fingers, but most of the time, I’m working with palette knives.

I mix colors on my palette with a small spatula, so all work with colors done on the palette. I use different sizes of knives: small, medium and large blades to apply paints on canvas. I love knives, because it creates clean, smooth application of color. With a knife, there are always smooth, brilliant piles of pigment and it will shine without shadows of brush marks. I love to pile up thick paint layers with impressionistic suggestions, which is possible only with the palette knives.

I work in different techniques: I paint with oils, palette knives and sometimes I create Fresco-Secco artwork. It gives an antique look to my paintings and it takes a lot of time and effort, so I do it very seldom, as a result, I have unique, antique looking paintings and giclee works.

I’m also a photographer.  I’m learning a lot from our local Camera Photo Club. We have a healthy competition twice a month. We are learning together how to use cameras and that wonderful tool called Photoshop. I photograph nature: landscapes, macro shots and I love panoramas, which I create from multiple shots stitched together. My photography will tell its own story without words.

Thank you again for visiting my gallery. I am always creating new works, so please visit again!